Cultural and gastronomic Lviv: what to see and where to go for a walk

Lviv is a beautiful, colorful city in the west of Ukraine. It is called a cultural center for a reason: the most interesting places, historical and architectural sights are opened to the tourist literally from the first minute of acquaintance. Even in one day or on the weekend, you will have something to see, and the longer you rest here, the more beauty will be revealed to you. And Lviv is a city of delicious cuisine.

Sights of Lviv

Lviv has more than 2,500 historical monuments of architecture and history, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth (Elzhbety)

If the first thing you saw when you arrived in Lviv was the railway station platform, start your exciting journey by taking the ninth tram route towards the city center. On Kropyvnytskyi Square, 1, there is the highest (88 meters) monumental building in Lviv - Church of Saints Olga and Elizabeth.

Пам'ятки Львова: Костел Свв. Ольгі і Єлизавети біля вокзалу

Neo-Gothic fascinates and creates amazing aesthetic pleasure. Long spiers, pointed arches and a rosette above the entrance... - the building exudes nobility and grandeur. On the left side of the temple there is an exit to the observation deck, which offers a wonderful view of the old city - it is definitely worth going.

St. George's Cathedral

Arch-Cathedral of St. George - a sacred landmark of Lviv, a pearl of Ukrainian architecture of the late Baroque era. The style was created for sacred religious buildings and was designed to make an unforgettable impression on believers, showing the greatness of God and the insignificance of man compared to heaven.

Куди піти у Львові: Собор Святого Юра на площі Св. Юра, 5

Potocki Palace and interesting places along the way

Walking in summer in Lviv is a pleasure. Across the street from the garden of the St. George Cathedral, there is another green area - Park named after Ivan Франка, а в кілометрі – backpack monument near Lviv National University. To "try on" it and take a selfie next to it is a kind of confirmation of oneself in the status of a tourist who seeks new discoveries

Що подивитися у Львові: Палац Потоцьких

High Castle

Colorful selfies, juicy shots against the background of the city, a bird's-eye view, ancient Lviv in the palm of your hand... For you High Castle. More precisely, to the observation deck on Prince's (Castle) Hill.

Панорама міста з оглядового майданчика Високого Замку.

Korniakta Palace – at one time, the most imposing tenement house in Lviv, built for a rich Lviv merchant; building No. 4 "Chorna Kamianitsa"Palace of the Florentine merchant Bandinelli and another four dozen buildings of famous townspeople, each of which was built according to a unique project. Most of them have preserved elements of Gothic architecture of the XV-XVI centuries and the late Renaissance

Four fountains with statues of the heroes of ancient mythology: Diana, Adonis, Amphitrite and Neptune. These are all the works of the famous Lviv sculptor of Austrian roots, Hartman Witwer.

Фонтан «Нептун» на площі Ринок у Львові

 Lviv City Hall – The 65-meter tower of the 14th century, in which the Lviv City Council meets. There is an observation deck at the top, which offers a magnificent panorama of the city.

Theaters and museums of Lviv

Lviv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet

Театр опери і балету - куди піти у Львові