Lviv in detail, or what a tourist should do in this city

In order to really feel the spirit of the city, in addition to the main excursion program, you need to go through the tourist minimum

  • Attend the Catholic Christmas service (on the night of December 24-25) in Latin Cathedral. Organ, choir and festive atmosphere - this service will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • On the way from the railway station, admire the Gothic architecture of the Church of St. Elizabeth.
  • On the way from the railway station, admire the Gothic architecture of the Church of St. Elizabeth. Boim chapel (the Boim chapel). 
  • Throw coins into all four fountains around the Town Hall.
  • Smile at the monument on Virmenska Street.
  • 20 цікавих фактів про Латинський кафедральний собор


  • Try lard in chocolate and visit the Museum of lard on Freedom Square.
  • There are about 4,500 sculptural images of lions in Lviv. The "minimum" task for a tourist is to find at least 20 lions.
  • On the roof of the Museum of Ethnography and Artistic Crafts on Svobody Avenue, you can see the only sitting statue of Liberty in the world.


  • Listen to a blind guitarist at the corner of Cathedral and Halytska streets.
  • Buy a lollipop from the hawker girls, who in a strange way have moved from the 18th century to our days.


  • Take a photo with one of the living sculptures.

  • Go down to the dungeon Музею аптеки та піднятися на оглядовий майданчик Ратуші. Крім панорами старого міста, ви зможете помилуватися намальованим на даху одного будинку конем.


  • Learn the history of the ancient clock on the Town Hall tower and visit the heart of the complex clock mechanism.
  • Immerse yourself in the Batyar atmosphere  you can at the restaurant-brewery on Mytniy Street. Lviv without batyars is not Lviv! The Batyar subculture left a noticeable mark on the city's traditions. Batyar is a resident of the suburbs, capable of adventurous deeds, but at the same time he knows how to relax and have fun. Batyar's slogan:  "Love Lviv, love women and love to joke."
  • Taste all types of coffee, because in Lviv they understand the drink. Drinking coffee here is a whole ritual.
  • You can feel yourself in the UPA underground: you can try on a helmet, shoot from a machine gun and sing "shooter's songs" during dinner at "Kryivka".
  • Become a follower of the teachings Masochism, who, by the way, was born in Lviv, and allow himself to be spanked by a pretty waitress.
  • See how chocolates are made in the showcase of the Lviv Chocolate Workshop.
  • Find out how Lviv works "Coffee mine».
  • Go ice skating on Rynok Square.
  • At the Vernissage, buy an "embroidered" or at least a "gerasivka" (traditional, national tie, woven from colorful threads).
  • Take a walk in Stryi Park;
  • Wave back to the inventor kerosene lamp Ignatius Lukashevich, who leaned out of the window of the third floor of building number 20 on Virmenska Street.
  • Climb the Old Castle (the castle has long since been destroyed, but the hill on which it stood and the castle fortifications have partially survived), praise yourself for overcoming such a difficult path and see the whole of Lviv from a bird's-eye view (more spectacular in the evening).
  • Beer is loved in Lviv, and the history of making the hoppy drink goes back more than one hundred years, so it is simply impossible to be in Lviv and not visit the Brewing Museum.
  • Take a look at the "Blue Bottle" cafe - this is the first cafe that opened in the city during the Austro-Hungarian rule. Here you can taste coffee with "fire", i.e. with pepper.
  • Feel like Harry Potter, sitting behind the wheel of a flying car with a propeller and oars, installed on the roof of a building on Staroyevreyska Street.


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