Holidays and festivals

If you are not visiting the city of Lviv for the first time, or ordinary walks are not enough for you, you can come to Lviv during festivals. Including:

  • folklore festival "Ethnovir" takes place at the end of August. These days, you can attend performances by ethnic groups, presentations of dishes from the nations of the world, various master classes;
  • the international literary festival "Publishers' Forum" takes place in mid-September. This is one of the largest literary festivals in Europe, during which you can attend not only book presentations, but also meetings with famous Ukrainian and foreign writers;
  • at the end of September, the city coffee festival "On coffee to Lviv" takes place with a coffee fair. Coffee cities these days offer delicious coffees from around the world, exclusive coffee cocktails and sweets;
  • in mid-October, the Cheese and Wine Festival takes place in Lviv, which includes a fair and tastings of various types of cheese and wine, and in early February, the city's Chocolate Festival;
  • in winter, the "Rock-Carol" festival takes place in Lviv, which combines ancient Christmas traditions and modern Ukrainian music of various genres: from acoustic folk to rock and punk;
  • it is also worth visiting Lviv on Easter, when folklore concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances take place in the city, and the spirit of the family holiday greets you in every church;
  • Lviv City Day is celebrated on May 8. It is great for many concerts, as well as a city parade.

However, whenever you come to Lviv, this city will always be able to surprise you with its unique color.

Десять фестивалів Львова


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