The City of the Lion was founded many centuries ago by Grand Duke Danylo Halytskyi, but even today it is a place where you want to return again and again, and there are never too many cities. If you want to have a colorful vacation, go to Lviv. Here you will be warmly welcomed, deliciously fed, and take care of your free time.... This is a city with small streets and rich architecture, where next to […]

Landmarks of Lviv: what is worth seeing?

What to see in Lviv? If you have come to the "western capital" of Ukraine for the first time, you should start with a walk through the old part of the city and a tour of the main and most popular sights. A detailed guide to tourism in Lviv with addresses: Rynok Square and Lviv Town Hall. Rynok Square is the historical and modern center of Lviv. Its main decorations are the town hall with an observation deck and four fountains with figures of ancient gods. Every year […]

Holidays and festivals

If you are not visiting the city of Lviv for the first time, or ordinary walks are not enough for you, you can come to Lviv during festivals. Among them: folklore festival "Etnovir" takes place at the end of August. These days, you can attend performances by ethnic groups, presentations of dishes from the nations of the world, various master classes; the international literary festival "Publishers' Forum" takes place in mid-September. It is one of the largest literary festivals in Europe, [...]

Lviv in detail, or what a tourist should do in this city

In order to really feel the spirit of the city, in addition to the main excursion program, you need to go through the tourist minimum. Attend the Catholic Christmas service (on the night of December 24-25) in the Latin Cathedral. Organ, choir and festive atmosphere - this service will not leave anyone indifferent. On the way from the railway station, admire the Gothic architecture of the Church of St. Elizabeth. To see the statue of a sad Jesus Christ that [...]